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Plasma cutter
  Co2/MAG automatic welding device with inverter controlling high performance

The excellent working efficiency and Working convenience.


Co2/Mag with high inverter
controlling performance

simple and new design


Co2/Mag automatic device with Fuzzy controlling high performance

Controlled by Fuzzy. the simple processing welding with the automatic memory.


MIG/Co2/MAG automatic weldigng with the high inverter controlling performance

high performance and the good designing.

TIG Welder

The mixture ARC welder with high speed inverter controller

Current frequency controlls ARC with good condition.
the next generation device of Arc Pair.
the new function " multiple TIG welding is best suitable for the deep plate welding.


TIG welder with high inverter controlling direct current

The good start. stablized ARC.


NEW Pochette 220NPA, 220NPS

maximizing Capacity.easy to use
usage range is magnified.


Plasma welder with High inverter controlling direct current.

Air Plasma Cutter

Air Plasma Cutter

the first single body -50A
capable of cutting up to 20mm.
mild steel: 10.1-20mm
stainless :10.1-20mm

Automatic welding device

Fixed Pipe automatic welding device

Stainless pipe.responds? ranging from? 10- to 216.3 of pipe? external diameter.


Narrow MIG

Perfect welding even for 9mm.
welding for 100mm with high performance
the good economic effencey with the portable


The plasma welder with direct current high inverter controlling device.